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Nicholl Auto 365 Frequently Asked Questions




What makes Nicholl Auto365 different?

We’re Northern Ireland’s largest oil distributor and are building a network of ultra-convenient unmanned fuel stations across the province. Our sites offer the customer a quicker more seamless experience, by allowing you to simply fill up and go 24/7 365 days a year.

Can I pay in cash?

Yes, you can pay using cash. Most Nicholl Auto365 forecourts are fitted with at least one payment terminal that will accept cash. Please note however, payment terminals can only give a credit note in lieu of change. If customers are using cash, we suggest they use exact notes where possible.

Credit notes can be used to pay for petrol and for diesel and they do not expire.

Can I pay by card?

Yes, you can pay using all major bank cards. Its important to point out that you’ll be asked to select an amount before you fill up your vehicle. This is a requirement by the banks to ensure enough funds are available in your account to complete the transaction.

If you fill up by less than the amount you selected, you’ll only be charged the amount you filled up by.

Can I use my Fuel Card?

Yes, our Nicholl Auto365 sites accept most major fuel cards.

After using the Nicholl Auto365 unmanned station my bank account has two transactions showing?

If the pre-authorised amount and the final transaction amount differ your bank may treat this as two transactions and there may be a time lag between when the bank places the temporary pre-authorization lien on your account and the transaction clears. Most banks release the lien within minutes, but we have had situations where banks are taking a few days to release the holds. It is important to point out however customers are only ever charged for what they fill up by us and the we only receive the payment for your final transaction value.

What happens if I select a larger amount than my car can take?

You will only be charged for the amount the car actually takes. For example if you pre select £50 and your car only takes £40 then your account will only be debited for the £40.

I got no receipt even though I requested one?

Very occasionally the paper can jam in the printer. Please email date, time, amount and last 4 digits of your card to info@nicholloils.com or call 02871810471 and we will email one to you.

I lifted the pump and no fuel came out?

You must put in your card before you lift the pump to get it pre authorised and release the pump.

What are your opening hours?

All forecourts are open 24/7, 365 days a year.

Why are you cheaper?

We’re unmanned, so the savings we make we pass on to our customers. We endeavor to always deliver the best value by continuously monitoring prices, so you don’t have to.

What other services do you provide?

As well as fuel, many of our forecourts are equipped with Shops, Jet wash, Car Wash, Air & Vac to keep your car clean and on the move.

What security features are on your forecourts?

We remotely monitor all forecourts 24/7 by CCTV. All sites are fitted with an intercom / Help button that allows customers contact our monitoring station at any stage.

What happens if an emergency occurs?

In the event of an emergency, fuel pumps will be shut down remotely. Our remote monitoring team are on hand to contact emergency services immediately in the case of an event.

Where does your fuel come from?

Nicholl Oils is one of the UK’s largest fuel distributors and importers. We source our fuel from leading oil refineries and oil producers delivered into our JV oil import terminal in Belfast.