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Boiler Servicing

Why Do You Need to Service Your Oil Boiler?           

At Nicholl United Boiler Servicing, our dedicated in house, OFTEC registered, team are trained to ensure your Boiler is;

Safe, Reliable & Efficient!

This means you and your family have the piece of mind that your Boiler is functioning correctly and not releasing dangerous carbon monoxide fumes into your home. You can also have the reassurance that because you are maintaining your Boiler correctly, you are less likely to experience a Boiler breakdown and therefore avoiding any expensive repair costs. An efficient Boiler is also important when it comes to fuel efficiency and cost efficiency. During your service, our engineers will clean your boiler and remove any build up of dirt/soot. 

 What do our customers say? 

  "Ive had my boiler serviced twice now by Nicholl Oils. They are so easy to deal with, I didn't have to wait weeks for an engineer to come out to the house, they did a clean and tidy job and most importantly it didn't cost a fortune.  

Teri, Belfast.

Glad to have had our service just before the first lockdown and will be ready for another very soon. We have always ordered our oil from Nicholls and to use their Boiler Services just makes it simpler. 

Hannah, Warrenpoint. 

Want to book your Boiler Service today?

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