Fivemiletown Heating Oil

Nicholl Oil offers you a clean, safe and efficient home heating choice.

Imagine that you’d been happily fishing one of the lakes around Fivemiletown. For much of the year you’d probably also enjoy returning to the welcoming warmth of your home. If, like the majority of private home-owners in Northern Ireland, you use oil for your heating, you’ll know how important it is to have a reliable but flexible, competitively-priced supplier.

Here at family-run Nicholl Oils, Northern Ireland’s largest independent distribution company, we work on your behalf in three main ways, by:

• Scheduling convenient standard (and occasional emergency) deliveries both during the week and at weekends

• Providing only Quality-Assured products from our network of local depots, using tankers fitted with Government Approved Delivery Meters

• Aiming to match the price from any genuine quote you receive, and backing this up with a range of flexible payment terms 

So, to order your Fivemiletown home heating oil simply contact us straight away