Enniskillen Heating Oil

Nicholl Oil offers you a clean, safe and efficient home heating choice.

Nicholl Oils are the prime provider of home heating oil in Northern Ireland. We have supply depots all over Northern Ireland and will deliver to you from our reliable, local depot.

If you live in Enniskillen we can offer the following top quality service to you from our Enniskillen home heating oil centre:

  • We provide safe, clean and efficient heating oil, direct to you and our delivery trucks are metered with Government Delivery Truck meters
  • We have very competitive prices and promise to match, or indeed beat, any other valid heating oil quotation
  • We accept flexible payment terms
  • We can plan your delivery in Enniskillen and book you in, in advance. We have a flexible delivery arrangement to make it easier for you to accept delivery.

Should you have any queries relating to any aspect of our delivery or our products, please do call our Enniskillen Customer Service Team to request a call back.