Ballygawley Heating Oil

Nicholl Oil offers you a clean, safe and efficient home heating choice.

Many homes in Northern Ireland are oil-heated. If yours is one of them, you’ll expect a safe, clean, and reliable supplier; one who also offers tremendous value-for-money. For over half-a-century, for many people, this has meant Nicholl Oils.

Operating out of a series of strategically-sited local depots, our family-run firm delivers on both weekdays and at weekends as the leading independent distributor, fulfilling both scheduled, and occasionally urgent, orders.

You can always rely on our Quality-Assured products, our Government Approved Delivered Metered tankers, and our reputation for offering great value. In fact, our unique Price Pledge commits us to work to equal or better any other genuine quote you’ve received. When you add to this our range of flexible payment choices, it makes sense to click here for an instant quote covering your next delivery of heating oil to your Ballygawley home.