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Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel

Nicholl Oils is one of Northern Ireland's leading ULSD suppliers, having built up a solid reputation for both the service we provide and the rapid delivery of ultra low sulphur diesel.


Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD) is a distillate fuel manufactured from selected crude oils and carefully blended to impart desirable performance related properties to the fuel, such as quick starting, smoke control and reduced particulates, whilst providing exceptional low temperature operation and protection from injector and pump wear.

Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel is designed for use in both high and medium speed diesel engines. It exceeds the latest requirements of the relevant British and European Specification BS EN 590 and fully meets UK, Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel specification. Operating at low temperature can be maintained when fuel properties are seasonally adjusted.

Benefits of low sulphur diesel:

  • Reducing the ultra fine particles from diesel engine exhausts will improve local air quality
  • Reducing sulphur dioxide emissions, which contribute to acid rain, will reduce the risk of acid rain occurring
  • Reducing sulphur in fuel potentially reduces the risk of corrosive wear in the engine
  • Reducing the sulphur content does not inhibit engine performance
  • Reducing sulphur facilitates the introduction of new diesel exhaust treatment catalyst which will further enhance the reduction of environmentally sensitive diesel emissions.

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