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Premium Unleaded Petrol

Premium unleaded petrol is usually a more refined form of petroleum than regular unleaded, with a higher octane number. This makes it burn more efficiently, thus delivering more power for less fuel burned. It may also have additives such as detergents to keep the inside of the engine clean.

Premium Unleaded Petrol is suitable for use in all petrol (spark ignition) engined vehicles where the vehicle manufacturer recommends the use of unleaded petrol with a Research Octane Number of 95 (RON 95). It is not suitable for use in all vehicles and in cases of doubt, the vehicle manufacturers should always be consulted prior to use. 

The level of improvement you can expect to get from premium unleaded petrol will depend on your engine’s requirements, and your driving style and circumstances. Some engines, usually in higher-performance cars, require premium unleaded anyway, and will suffer reduced performance and fuel economy if you use regular unleaded. Some engines will see very little difference at all; if your driving is predominantly city commuting and school runs, you probably won’t notice any significant improvements. If you tend to drive harder or do more open road driving, you may notice more substantial differences.

Premium Unleaded Petrol exceeds the latest requirements of the relevant British and European Standard specifications BS EN 228 and contains a detergent additive to help keep carburettors, fuel injectors and inlet valves clean, maintaining driveability and performance.

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