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Twelve top interesting facts about oil!

8 Sep 2015 Author Marlene Gray

1. The word "petroleum" literally translates as "rock oil". It stems from the Greek word "petra", meaning rock, and the Latin word "oleum", meaning oil. 2. Petroleum products are usually grouped into three categories: light distillates (LPG, gasoline, naphtha), middle distillates (kerosene, diesel), heavy distillates and residuum (heavy fuel oil, lubricat...

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Discover the advantages of oil heating

27 Aug 2015 Author Marlene Gray

Heating Oil (also known as Kerosene, 28 Second Burning Oil, Central Heating Fuel and Home Heating Oil) is a liquid fuel product used for central heating and in some cases for AGA ovens. Home heating oil is purchased in bulk and stored in a fuel tank usually located outside of the property where it is piped straight to a heating oil boiler. If you've just moved into a property, the type of o...

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Nicholl Oils at The Ballymena Show

29 May 2015 Author Marlene Gray

Be sure and stop by Nicholl Fuel Oils stand at this year’s Ballymena Show.  As one of the leading suppliers of fuels to the agricultural and farming sectors, we will be there to answer all your queries and help ensure you are getting the best deal on fuel for your machinery and home heating. We will also be holding a fantastic prize draw on Saturday the 30th, where one lucky person w...

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