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Oil is the cheapest way to heat your home!

30 Nov 2017 Author Marlene Gray

Oil is the cheapest way to heat your home this winter 41% cheaper than LPG 53% cheaper than electric 7% cheaper than mains gas   These figures are provided by independent heating cost analysts, the Sutherland Tables. In October they published data comparing the average annual heating costs for a typical three-bedroom home in Great Britain with a range of different types of he...

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Home heating oil – the smart choice for customers

23 Feb 2017 Author Marlene Gray

Oil is the cheapest fuel available for heating homes in Northern Ireland*. There are over 2 million homes in the UK and Ireland using oil for hot water and space heating and with 500,000 homes using oil in Northern Ireland, you know you are using the most popular fuel!   Prices for heating oil, including sudden peaks and dips, are mainly affected by the price of crude oil. This can vary...

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16 Nov 2016 Author Marlene Gray

With predictions that a particularly cold winter may be on its way, households across the country are being urged not to let the current unseasonably warm weather make them complacent and ensure their heating systems are ready for a prolonged cold snap. The warning comes after the dramatic increase in the number of excess winter deaths seen last year, with vulnerable people living in cold homes...

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Oil heated households set to have a warm home this winter

13 Oct 2015 Author Marlene Gray

OFTEC have stated that homes that use oil heating are set for a warmer winter this year, as the latest data shows households are taking advantage of low oil prices and keeping their heating on for longer*. The report from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) shows an average 16% increase in the consumption of heating oil by households since the start of the year, revealing that us...

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