Don’t Let Your Oil Run Too Low!

17 2018 Author: Marlene Gray


When you heat your home with heating oil, part of winter preparation involves maintaining your heating oil tank. Your oil tank is a fundamental part of your system. You need to conduct an annual tune-up of your heating system which should involve an inspection of your tank. 

As a homeowner, you should regularly inspect your tank. Look for possible oil leaks or rust. Be sure that you don’t have any water in your tank. When your tank isn’t full, there is room for condensation to form. The condensation that forms creates a breeding ground for bacteria. Sediments and other deposits then form which has disastrous effects on your fuel tank. Consequently, this impacts the efficiency of your system because it can clog your fuel lines and your burner nozzle. Ideally, you should not let your oil levels run out. 



Maintaining your oil tank has multiple benefits. First, it will make sure that your tank is functioning properly and will not compromise the safety of your household. An oil leak needs to be taken seriously because it can contaminate your water sources and reduce your property value. Furthermore, an oil leak is extremely costly to clean up.

Keeping the oil tank full prevents condensation and rusting problems. In addition, having a full tank offers greater flexibility in your ordering schedule since you don’t have your back against the wall with regards to delivery times. Homeowners who have experienced a situation where they have run out of oil during the winter know the importance of this.

Finally, an oil tank that runs low or runs out of oil stirs up sediment in the bottom of the tank and that sediment may get into the fuel line. Oftentimes, homeowners will need to have a service call to get their heater working again due to running out of oil.

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