Boiler Efficiency and Maintenance

4 2016 Author: Marlene Gray

Now that we are coming into the colder months, top of everyone’s priorities should be making sure that their homes are ready for the cold winter weather we have here in Northern Ireland. When making sure that your house is ready, one of the top things on your checklist should be your boiler as it provides an immense amount of warmth through heating your radiators.


There are some measures you can take to make sure your boiler is running at maximum efficiency including:

  1. Get your boiler serviced annually by an OFTEC qualified engineer. A well serviced oil boiler will be up to 10% more efficient.  An annual service will not only replace old, worn parts that may reduce efficiency, but will also make sure the air/fuel mix is correct ensuring combustion is at its most efficient. It is much better to service your boiler regularly, instead of waiting for it to break down – which can happen at the worst of times!
  2. Consider using a heating oil additive. These help to reduce deposits on nozzles and heat exchangers within your boiler that reduce the thermal efficiency of the boiler.
  3. Bleed your radiators regularly to remove excess air from your central heating system. If your radiators are colder at the bottom than the top, air is trapped in the system. You therefore need to release the air by ‘bleeding’ the radiators. If you don’t, the system is not working efficiently, putting an extra strain on your boiler and effectively wasting you money. 
  4. Check your oil levels regularly. If you run out of oil, your system may suck sludge and debris from the bottom of the tank into the pipes, damaging your boiler.
  5. Check your boiler for sooty black marks, which could indicate a combustion problem. If you notice any, contact a qualified engineer immediately.
  6. Boilers can seize up if they are not used regularly. You should turn on the heating for ten or 15 minutes every so often during the summer months, just to keep the boiler ticking over. 


You can find more information on why your oil fired boiler should be serviced regularly from OFTEC here














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