Autumn Already!

14 2016 Author:

It doesn't seem two minutes since the start of the summer and we were settling in to watch EURO 2016, yet here we are getting ready to welcome the Autumn once again.


Here at Nicholl Oils Autumn is one of our favourite seasons. The humidity of summer is fading away and the air is much crisper and cooler. The leaves turn to glorious hues of red, orange and gold, eventually becoming a crisp carpet underfoot.


Early Autumn can often be the best time to buy your oil, as when the evenings get cooler, more people be indoors for longer with the heating on, and the demand for oil increases.


As always we would encourage you to buy your heating oil before the cold weather arrives. The benefit of this is that as that the price of home heating oil is usually lower when demand isn't as high. Call us today for a quote on 08000 22 44 22.