Greyabbey Heating Oil

Nicholl Oil offers you a clean, safe and efficient home heating choice.

On those cold days when a biting wind whips across Strangford Lough you’ll surely be glad to retreat to the comfortable warmth of your oil-heated Greyabbey home. You can add peace-of-mind to this good feeling, when you rely on family-run Nicholl Oils as your trusted supplier.

For more than fifty years now, we’ve offered scheduled deliveries across both weekdays and weekends using our strategically-located depots. Of course, when asked, we always do our best to help with any emergency calls as well. We deliver only Quality-Assured products, and each of our tanker fleet uses a Government Approved Delivery Meter.

We’ve also challenged ourselves to meet or better any other genuine price quote you receive through our unique Price Pledge. You can also make good use of our range of flexible payment options. So, to obtain an instant quote from us for a future order of quality heating oil to your Greyabbey home simply click here.