Eglinton Heating Oil

Nicholl Oil offers you a clean, safe and efficient home heating choice.

Nicholl Oils is one of the major heating oil providers in Northern Ireland. We deliver to the whole of Northern Ireland, and if you live in Eglinton, our local depot is well placed to deliver your home heating oil to you. Our friendly customer service is always ready to answer any questions you may have about our goods, our service or our deliveries.

We can offer many advantages if you order from Eglinton home heating oils, including:

  • Accepting payment terms that are flexible and prices that are highly competitive - we will price match or beat other valid competing heating oil cost estimates.
  • Our oil is clean, safe and efficient and is Nicholl quality-assured.
  • Our delivery trucks are metered by Government approved delivery meters.
  • To ensure convenient delivery for you we have a flexible delivery arrangement

To learn more about the advantage of using Nicholl for your heating oil requirements; please get in touch with our Eglinton customer service team.